Why do you enjoy coaching?

From an early age, my curiosity, ability to retain what I’ve learned, and implement new ideas has given me a broad perspective on everything from technology, construction, investing and self-help. As a technologist, one never stops learning. As I’ve advanced into my now second career, I’ve come to appreciate all of the knowledge I’ve gained from personal education and the many individuals that have mentored me and showed me a path to success that is not main-stream by any means. It is through passing on knowledge that I am not only able to help those that were where I was many years ago, but also keeps me learning from everyone I come into contact with. The world is full of information and growth potential, but is useless if it is not shared.



What makes you a good coach?

I’ve had a very unique life so far and come from a very modest upbringing that I’ve been able to harness for personal and professional success. I appreciate the small details in life that I’ve learned to absorb from many amazing purveyors of wisdom. It’s through listening and understanding that helps us grow, so I apply these skills to recognize each individual’s uniqueness and tailor adding value accordingly. No two people are in the same place and have the same learning style, so adapting and applying the right skills makes for the best approach.



Who would benefit from your expertise? 

If you are open minded and ready to push your perceptions and limits to new heights then I can help. There are no shortcuts to success, but being smart and strategic can shorten the time and length in between any two versions of yourself. If you’re able to commit to change or progress then my commitment to your success will be apparent in short order. If an abundant mindset is something you are interested in and you’re ready to work, then I’m here to help.



Areas of Expertise: 

Individual and syndication investing. Single-family, Multi-family, small commercial and self storage. Investment math and financial analysis. Property management, construction and mechanics of a home. Gold, crypto and asset investing. Learning to learn. Mindset and mindfulness. Systems, process and technology engineering. Living a life of purpose and intention. 



Personal life info:

My wife Corinn, daughter Stella (4), and I enjoy the most natural parts of life together. That can be cooking, hiking, camping and anything related to curiosity and adventure. We started tent camping when Stella was a baby and are now transitioning from a travel trailer to a class C motorhome. We love to travel and have been across the US, Europe, the UK, Mexico and several Caribbean islands. 


My personal excitement comes from my passion for books (in all forms), podcasts, home and tech tinkering, and of course, my GoBundance brothers and my networks.  Lastly, we are a Philadelphia Eagles household and are still holding to our magical season that was the Super Bowl win.


Learn more about the business lines Sergio is responsible for: Hearthfire Capital, Hearthfire Recreation & RV, Hearthfire Self Storage, and Hearthfire Holdings.