Adam LaBarr

Adam La Barr

Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Owner, Educator

I am an Air Force veteran who lived paycheck to paycheck for years before learning what a savings account was and why it mattered. I found real estate investing and never looked back. Now, I focus almost exclusively on apartment investing and have over 340 doors to date and I am always looking to buy more. I am a co-owner in a company that focuses on teaching military members, veterans, and their families how to invest in real estate. 


Why do you enjoy coaching?

As a military veteran, it is natural for me to enjoy serving others. I have been doing it for years and now I have the opportunity to serve others in a more personal manner. I love being able to see the transformation in people when they get the “a-ha” moment and when they start seeing that future potential. I want to help as many people as possible get the future they want and deserve by helping them step up and make the changes they need; whether it is in their personal budget or their desire to step into apartment investing!  


What makes you a good coach?

I have been that person who lived paycheck to paycheck not having any idea what I was doing. I had no idea what it meant to invest, save, or improve my financial future. I have seen many different things and have worked through a lot of them personally. I am also a certified Dave Ramsey personal finance coach. While I may not be 100% behind everything he does, his ability to motivate and teach people to think about money in a different way is amazing and contagious! I love to share this passion with my clients in both finances and real estate!  


Who would benefit from your expertise? 

Just about anyone can benefit from my expertise. So long as you are willing to think outside the box, put the effort in, and listen, you will certainly benefit from coaching. 


Areas of Expertise: 

I focus in apartment building investing and personal finance.


Personal life info:

I am married to my amazing wife, Raquel, and we have two wonderful boys! My family and I love to travel and see the world and we are always looking for an adventure. I absolutely love being a dad and that takes much of my brain power! Additionally, I am a private pilot (although I do not get to fly enough!), a golfer, a Patriots fan (yes, even without Brady), and I love being outdoors.